About Our Team

At Annex Naturopathic Clinic we strive to fill in the gaps where previous approaches have not fully resolved your health concerns.

Our Naturopathic Doctors

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Dr. Claire Lockridge, ND

Metabolic and Hormonal Health, Autoimmune Conditions, Weight Management, Fatigue

Accepting New Patients

Dr. Erin Lush, ND

Virtual Appointments Only

Sexual wellness, Vaginal Health, Hormones, Fertility, Digestion, Autoimmune Conditions

Accepting New Patients

Dr. Daiana Castleman, ND

Perimenopause/Menopause, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Mood, Digestion, Children’s Health

Accepting New Patients

Dr. Tanya Lee, ND

NOT ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS. Maternity Leave commences June 10, 2023.

Immune, Autoimmune, Children’s Health, Cardio-Metabolic Health.

Marnie Luck 2

Dr. Marnie Luck, ND

Currently on sabbatical. Return to practice July 2023. Existing patients can book their follow-ups now with Dr. Daiana Castleman ND or in July with Marnie. Waitlist for prospective new patients.

Our Osteopathic Manual Therapy Practitioner

Sandi Loytomaki

Osteopathic Manual Therapy Practitioner MOMSc

Accepting New Patients

Our Naturopathic Student Interns

Marcia Sena

Reduced rate visits under supervision of a Naturopathic Doctor.  New Patients cannot be accommodated between May through August 2023.

Accepting New Patients

Administrative Staff

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