Frequently Asked Questions

Is a naturopathic doctor a “real” doctor?

Depends what you consider to be a “real” doctor. We are NOT medical doctors (MDs). MDs and NDs have different medical training and models of care (however both professions require university educations prior to pursuing their medical studies).

Naturopaths are medically-trained, licensed and regulated healthcare practitioners in Ontario who may use the protected title of “Naturopathic Doctor”. NDs provide patients with solutions in conjunction with, or as an alternative to the conventional pharmaceutical approach.

We use thorough clinical intakes, physical examinations and diagnostic testing to find out the root cause to your health concerns. Naturopathic doctors must attend 8 years of post-secondary education and are required to pass rigorous examinations in order to be licensed to practice in Ontario.

If I see a naturopath, can I still my medical doctor

Yes. We encourage open communication and continued relationships with all other healthcare professionals, including your medical doctor.

We know that there are situations that are appropriate to use naturopathic medicine on its own, and others where conventional medical approaches are required.  We are trained to refer when necessary.

How do I know if a naturopathic doctor suitable for me?

If you are open to taking an active and empowered role in your health, a ND will be an integral benefit to your circle of care.

Whether you would like additional help managing a chronic disease or symptom, or would like to learn more and optimize your health, we can work with you to improve your overall health.

Do I have to pay for my visits? Does OHIP cover anything?

OHIP doesn’t cover any aspect of naturopathic patient treatment. However, most extended benefit plans do cover the appointment fees and some routine and specialized testing (similar to coverage for dentist and chiropractors).

Payment is required for each appointment. We do not do direct billing. Receipts are provided for submission to your insurance company.

What’s the difference between a naturopath and homeopath

A homeopath is a practitioner that solely uses homeopathy as their main modality of treatment and are not considered “doctors” in the province of Ontario.

Naturopaths are trained to use homeopathy as a tool for treatment, but the use in practice depends on the naturopathic doctor.

There is a difference in the level of medical education between the two practitioners is significant, with naturopathic doctors having a much higher degree of education in medicine.

Am I expected to change my entire lifestyle after seeing a naturopath?

How much change is required depends on your unique situation and severity of health concern. Severe chronic illness may require more robust changes where while some conditions may require some simple basic changes.

However, it is our mission to provide a treatment plan that works with your life circumstances at a realistic pace in order to achieve sustained results.