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Metabolic Detoxification and Cleansing

Disclaimer: We’re not talking about a Juice Cleanse, or a 3-day boxed protocol. There is a lot of controversy around the term “detox”- there are multiple definitions and it is often stated the the bodies detoxifies on its own. Although our bodies do detoxify, one could argue that as a society, our bodies and environment is more burdened with toxins and contaminants than ever before. Sources of environmental toxins include persistent organic compounds (ie. DDT and PCBs), compounds that disrupt hormones (ie. BPA and phalates) and heavy metals (ie mercury, lead, arsenic). Although actions can be taken to reduce exposure, many of these toxins are ubiquitous and unavoidable Case dependent, our naturopathic doctors are able to assess toxic burden through hair, urine and blood analysis. The health of our detoxification organs and biochemical pathways are vital to overall health. By supporting the function of these pathways can reduce the incidence and severity of chronic disease. Our detox plans comprehensively support not only the liver detoxification pathways, but all organs of elimination (skin, lungs, kidneys and bowels).