About Negin Sayar

I’m a 4th year naturopathic intern in the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and an international medical graduate from Iran. After obtaining my medical degree I worked as a general practitioner in the Emergency department and outpatient clinics. This 2-year job opportunity was a turning point in my life. I realized the importance of preventative medicine and early diagnosis of diseases not only in one’s health and wellness but also in social well-being.

This prompted me to continue my education in the field of complementary and lifestyle medicine and naturopathic medicine sounded the best fit to what I was looking for to be able to help my patients with more natural and less invasive treatments.

My ultimate goal is to bring conventional and natural therapies closer together and to bridge the gap by providing education, information and evidence-based therapies to my patients.

Special Interests

I’m mainly interested in the hormonal health particularly thyroid and women’s hormones, gut health and anxiety. I believe that happiness starts from the within, that is a healthy body, a clear mind and a free spirit.

I help my patients regain their happiness and feel their best by looking at their concerns from a holistic view and finding their primary root cause. I believe in the importance of active listening and patient education as major factors in the process of healing.

When it comes to treatment, I always consider the hierarchy of treatments; first, the pillars of health including nutritional modification, physical activity and healthy mind. If one’s health condition needs further support, I will then incorporate supplements, botanical remedies, acupuncture and physical therapy to ease their pain and to target the root cause of their disease.

The diagnostic skills I have honed from my previous medical experience along with the holistic view I’m learning in the naturopathic program have enabled me to provide high quality service to my patients and the care they deserve.